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3-Disc Educational DVD. Total running time: 121 minutes. Package includes a detailed Instruction Manual and 30-minutes Private Consultation session with Stephanie via Skype or phone. The Private Consultation session does not expire and can be used at any time. 


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Watch the video below of Stephanie's 22-month old twin daughters, B and M, making scrambled eggs with an electric skillet.

About the DVD, Raising Your Twins

In Raising Your Twins: Real Life Tips on Setting Up the Ultimate Home Environment, you will learn how to create the perfect home for your little ones. Based on the Montessori Method, this educational DVD is designed for parents of toddlers and pre-schoolers (1-4 years old). Learn to set up your home room-by-room, along with 24 activities to do with your children at home, including how to comb one’s hair, wash one’s hands, cut with scissors, encourage language skills, bake apple crisps, make scrambled eggs and so much more! With the right home environment, what your children can accomplish will astound you! Includes a detailed Instruction Manual on where to buy, what to look for and how to set up everything mentioned in the DVDs. 

In Episode 1, follow Stephanie as she invites you to tour her home and show you the most important components to consider for your child when designing each room in your home. Includes the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, play area, dressing area and cleaning area.

In Episode 2, Stephanie will show you some easy, basic activities children will LOVE and are essential building blocks for good gross and fine motor skill development.

In Episode 3, Stephanie will show you how to teach your child to put on different items of clothing and accessories. Includes detailed description of what to look for when you're shopping for clothes and how to store them. B and M demonstrates how it's done. 

In Episode 4, Stephanie will show you some activities that parents automatically do for their children. Teach your children to do these things and your life will get so much easier.  

In Episode 5, Stephanie will show you some essential fine motor skills, including how to teach your child to cut with scissors, glue and sew with a needle. Yes, 2 year olds can sew. 

In Episode 6, Stephanie gives you strategies on how to maximize your child's language ability. What will bring out the best language skills? What can you do to make that happen? What activities will enhance those abilities? What are the best books to read? How do you read to a child? Find out the answers and way more in this episode.  

In Episode 7, Stephanie will show you what you need to prepare to teach your children to bake with ease. Watch B and M make two healthy desserts that your children will love to make (and eat!)

In Episode 8, Stephanie will teach you what to prepare, what to watch for and everything else you need to teach your toddler to cook on an electric skillet. Adult supervision required, of course. But if you want your child to make your Sunday morning brunch, here's how. 

Total Running Time: 121 minutes.

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After you've watched the DVD, take advantage of my 30-minute complimentary parent coaching session to get your questions answered. Click here to contact me.


About the book, Raising Your Twins

When you have twins, multiples, or simply children close in age, you have no time to waste. As a mother of twins, Stephanie Woo knows you need the most effective way to raise multiple children simultaneously.

In Raising Your Twins: Real Life Tips on Parenting with Ease (Without Kicking Your Spouse to the Curb), Stephanie shows parents how to set up an effective environment for their children (taking into account babies’ many needs, including rolling over, crawling, pulling up, cruising, and walking). With the proper environment, babies won’t need to be constantly watched over and entertained by adults. If they sleep through the night or learn to eat by themselves at an early age, not only will they gain confidence in their skills and abilities, but your quality of life as a parent will also improve tremendously.

The time has come for a parenting method that is simple, effective, and proven to work. Raising Your Twins is packed full of practical tips, covering everything from sleeping and eating, to bathing and using the potty. This book will show you how to raise independent children who can occupy themselves (without a TV!) so you can have more alone time to read, nap, or cook!

Largely based on the Montessori Method, Raising Your Twins includes insights and methods developed by Stephanie’s mother and based on her own experiences raising her twins and coaching other families.

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After you've read the book, take advantage of my 30-minute complimentary parent coaching session to get your questions answered.  Click here to contact me.


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