“With an underpinning of Montessori principles, Stephanie offers many practical suggestions for raising healthy, happy, engaged children, suggestions that do not depend on a lot of money or a large home. Stephanie’s suggestions focus on a well thought-out but very natural approach to living happily with young children. A great read for parents-to-be and for parents looking for ideas!”

— Judi Orion, AMI Montessori 0-3 Trainer, Director of The Montessori Institute, Denver, Colorado

“I love the book. I really think it will be effective for parents. It is conversational, accessible, and specific—all useful qualities for a harried mom (or dad) of twins. What I especially liked about it was the detail, personal stories, and actionable items. As a parent of young twins a few years ago, I wanted concrete tips that other parents were finding valuable and I wanted them NOW! I wish I’d had this book then.”

— Trevor Eissler, Author of Montessori Madness and Father of three children, including a set of twins

Raising Your Twins is packed with excellent tips for the parents of twins or higher order multiples. As busy parents, you will enjoy the practical tools based on the Montessori system that will guide you through every step of your children’s development as infants and toddlers. The result: You will feel more relaxed and confident as a parent.”

— Dr. Shirin Sherkat, Author, Speaker, & Founder of Create Happy Kids

“An excellent read. The methods in this book are tried, tested, and proven. I highly recommend it!”

— Man Fai Lau, Director of Federal Hill Montessori, Baltimore, MD

Raising Your Twins is a wonderful guide to practical parenting information from a Montessori perspective. The author addresses common problems with simple, doable solutions. She gives an approach that follows the child’s nature, providing a healthy model for life. Parents of twins as well as single children will benefit from Stephanie Woo’s professional training and life experience. Prepare to relax and enjoy life with your children with guidance, humor, and wisdom.”

— Karey Lontz, AMI Montessori 0-3 Auxiliary Trainer, Denver, Colorado

“Stephanie is a REAL mom who proved that Montessori for twins IS possible! I have been captivated by her blog for over a year now and have incorporated many of Stephanie’s recommendations in our home for our twins. She is an effective teacher. I am happy to see Stephanie continue to produce easy- to-read resources for parents of multiples, such as Raising Your Twins, and look forward to more!”

— Krystal Workman, President of North Virginia Parents of Multiples, Creator of TwinGo Carrier and Mom of three-year-old twins

“A definite must-read! This book is chock-full of valuable information teaching parents how to raise their children calmly and efficiently! With the experience Stephanie has acquired from raising her own twins as well as advice from her own mother, Stephanie shares the processes of simultaneously raising multiple children using the Montessori Method. From birth throughout the first year and onward, her tried and true methods will save many mothers from pulling out their hair!

— Stephania Gibb, Author of Don’t Throw Your Firstborn (or Yourself) Off The Balcony

“The information Stephanie Woo presents in this book has the possibility of changing how parents will think of their newborns. Stephanie has done a service to parents and young children by providing some clear and practical ways in which a parent or caregiver might truly make a tremendous impact on a child’s developing personality and growth beginning at childbirth. Using her knowledge of Maria Montessori’s insight and work, she has put together a helpful guide for parents of twins as well as singular births that will make the short time they have with their baby and toddler one that is both joyful and beneficial! Anyone who is a parent knows how quickly that time goes by! Raising Your Twins will help you make the most of it.”

— Charlotte Davol, AMI Montessori Teacher of 34 years, Austin, Texas

“Stephanie Woo’s Raising Your Twins is a guide that every parent who enjoys independent and happy children, a well-organized home, and a few extra moments of adult time will treasure. Her extensive education and experience in the Montessori Method begins with respect for children and results in young people who are able to participate fully in all aspects of their own lives. I highly recommend it!

— Karen Szillat, Author of Empowering the Children

“I was amazed by the common sense, thinking outside of the box, and progressive thinking that Stephanie Woo displayed in discussing how to raise her twins, especially in terms of teaching them how to be self-occupied and entertain themselves. Her research, parenting skills, and wisdom have made Raising Your Twins a groundbreaking book and a must-read for all parents, no matter how many children they have.”

— Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D. and Author of the award-winning Narrow Lives

“Priceless advice to insure sanity for parents! After reading through the whole book, I kept going back to Chapter Two. Getting our twins to sleep is still our greatest challenge three years later. I’ve spent an hour every night putting our kids to sleep in our bed, and then eight hours sleeping on the edge of our king mattress while they sprawl across the rest of it. I wish I had this information when they were born. I might have more hair now if I had. The advice in this book is invaluable to any new parent. If you or someone you know is expecting, get Raising Your Twins now!”

— Mark Porteous, Father of three-year- old twins, Founder and Host of the Personal Transformation Summit, Orlando, Florida

“What an informative and easy to read book. We have always been intrigued by Montessori but never really knew how amazing it was until we met Stephanie and read her book Raising Your Twins. As the parents of twins ourselves, this book has really helped us be the best parents we can be and give our children a gift that lasts a lifetime.”

— John and Fallon Seymour, Parents of two-year-old twins

“This book is a pathway to freedom and sanity! We are in the process of adopting a baby and we are in a constant inquiry about what kinds of parents we want to be. We are clear that we do NOT want to be overbearing neurotic parents who drive their kids crazy or the type who get manipulated by their kids left and right. We loved the philosophy of Stephanie’s method—set up a children’s environment in a way that fosters their development and allows for their independence and autonomy. Stephanie’s book gave us clear and practical ways we can be the parents we want to be and give the best to our child.”

— Dr. Misha Tismenetsky and Misha Lyuve, Wall Street Management Consultant and Artist

“Stephanie Woo makes Montessori so understandable and accessible. If you’ve always wanted to incorporate Montessori into your home, then you must read this book because it is packed with practical advice that was easy to understand and made so much sense! This book helps you be the kind of parent you’ve always wanted to be.”

— Patrick Snow, International Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny and The Affluent Entrepreneur

“Stephanie gives simple, practical advice to new parents and helps demystify what the world of Montessori is all about. Many people don’t realize that Montessori principles can be applied from day one. If you feel lost or disempowered during the first year of parenthood, this is a book that will give you guidance, tools, and ideas on how to manage through caring for a new baby. She provides tips on all the key aspects from sleeping to eating to playing. Stephanie shares valuable lessons to help parents navigate the first year.”

— Lillian Lo, Mom of a one-year-old

“We parents of twins are so lucky that Stephanie Woo has decided to release Raising Your Twins. For us, she has always been the model mom on how to raise twins and...survive! She makes it so clear, in her blog and now her book, that it can be easier and more pleasant for both parents and babies to have two of them at once. Turning daily tasks into a pleasant lesson, learning that babies and toddlers can be much more independent than we think (or want!) and introducing them to classical music are only some of the amazing things we learned with Stephanie, and we are very happy that now we will be able to share them with all of our friends who have or are expecting twins. We know that everything she does produces amazing results. We highly recommend this book!”

— Tom and Gisela Piper, Parents of two-year-old twins


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